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-Awake is to be aware of yourself, intentional with your words, understanding how you operate and affect others in this world and living in balance and harmony with all.


 “Sometimes good things fall apart so great things can fall together.” Marilyn Monroe

Life is full of choices. Life is full of risk. But life was not meant to be spent depressed, anxious, and always in a state of fear and worry.



Life Counseling OrlandoSally High, LMHC

My goal in supporting my clients at is to help you find lasting results that will bring fulfillment and pleasure to your life. Understand my approach and the unique path that lead me to therapy. Learn about the life changing shift that occurred in my life, waking me up and placing me on the path to creating a unique, and dynamic approach to therapy like nobody else.


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Passion: Not a day goes by I am not humbled and blessed by the lives I meet along this journey. My passion for counseling is stronger than ever and brings me to a place of love and respect for the hard work my clients do. This fire has been burning for over 16 years now. Thank you to all for touching and changing my life.

Awareness: I do not treat symptoms. Getting to the core fear that is underneath the symptoms, (Depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, etc) is key. These are indicators of a deeper level of ourselves that we are unaware of when first coming into counseling.

Integrity: It is my desire that my clients see us as a team working together to take an honest, non judgmental approach. Learning to be easy and not hard on yourself. Being honest enough to allow our ego to step aside. Now we can look at reality. There is the ability to correct the thinking and internal dialogue that has conditioned our society for years. It is a true path and return to self. The purest form of therapy and self discovery there is.

Life Counseling Orlando