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Common Questions

Common Questions

Common Questions that most clients want to know. It’s important that you understand how the therapeutic process works. Commonly asked questions is your right and it is the therapist responsibility to answer any and all questions or concerns you have about the process. This journey is about you. Feeling comfortable, safe and supported is the goal. Please take the time to read the most commonly asked questions. It may clear up any misunderstandings of how counseling really works. Each therapist has their own unique style of counseling and its vital that your able to pick one that is knowledgeable and experienced in the area you are seeking support and guidance.

Common Questions To Ask

It is important that you ask whatever questions you may have before entering into therapy. It’s my job to earn your trust and to help you along this journey. Some therapist book only through a receptionist and your first interaction is at the first visit. This is not my approach. I strive to make sure each client prior to attending their first session understands my approach and is not scared walking in blindly not knowing what to expect.

The following list are some of the top common questions clients often wonder.

Review The Common Questions
and Ask Away

I am sure you may have several other questions. I make it a top priority to provide a free 30 minute phone consultation with anyone seeking therapy. Let’s simply see if we are a good match and if you like what you hear. We will go over any questions you have and discuss the best approach suited for you that is unique and tailored for you personally and uniquely.

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