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Linda Lou Mikis, MSMarriage & Family Therapist

Linda Lou Mikis, MS

Linda Mikis is a Marriage & Family Therapist in Florida with a current licensure in Nevada. She has worked in private practice for many years with couples, families, individuals and children before joining High Expectations. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services in Nevada. Linda received her Master of Science degree in Marriage, Child & Family Therapy at the University of Phoenix in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009.

Linda has an innate ability to work one-on-one using compassion and sensitivity. Her past therapy experience includes working as a Family Specialist for a social services organization, therapist at a Home for Boys and, a Certified Alcohol & Drug Intern. She has collaborated with families to overcome difficult times and talked with many mothers and fathers who have been battling with the grief associated with their children.

Linda’s speciality is working with couples. As a psychotherapist, doing marriage therapy for 13 years, she has found a way to help those couples who are seeking a fresh start with a new awareness and understanding of both themselves as individuals and as a couple. Her clinical experience has taught her which relationship issues are most difficult for people. She uses a high effective method of counseling utilizing empathy, compassion and effective listening and communication to assist and guide clients through difficult times.


Linda includes as an integral part of therapy “soft addictions” like shopping, eating, video games or workaholic behavior in families as well as clinical issues such as depression, OCD, ADHD, post-traumatic stress and others, so that people can live their lives with understanding and openness for each other and themselves.

She is a published author in the Australian Newsletter “Communique”, and is currently working on a book entitled “Thinking” to facilitate her work in the mental health field.

When counseling, Linda offers a very scientific, individualized therapy of based on common sense. By wholly engaging with her clients, Linda has been able to provide strategic insight to help them find their answers within themselves. It is important to her that she is not known as the expert...that you, as the client are the expert in your life. She partners with evidence based theories such as: cognitive behavioral approach, solutions focus, family systems therapy, mindfulness meditation and other methodology with an emphasis on finding new hope, happiness and success.

In “addictions therapy”, she offers private sessions as well as groups for standard and intensive outpatient treatment. Linda offers a multitude of approaches in an effort to offer a range of useful services to help clients reach success. She believes there is no “one answer” solution to addiction.

In private counseling, Linda gives services based on a healthy psychology model. She can offer you a very scientific therapy of understanding your path through wisdom and common sense.

Linda belongs to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, is active in the Central Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, NAADAC, 3 Principles Global Community, Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, Psychology Today, and the Alexandra House.

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