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Thomas Cruz

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Welcome, I am honored to work with each and everyone of my clients. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Addictions Professional in the state of Florida. I have over 7 years of experience providing therapeutic services to my clients.

I have practiced in a range of treatment settings such as: outpatient centers, clinics, hospitals, residential facilities, and academic institutions. My specialties include individual, group therapy, marriage and family therapy, and couples counseling. All addressing a variety of issues for multiple age groups.


I have my Master’s degree from Penn State University in the Psychology of Leadership, and a second Master’s in Psychology from Albizu University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami.

Theoretical Approach

I utilize a theoretical approach using strengths-based counseling, while focusing on the meaning-making, spiritual wellness, and the empowerment of my clients. Furthermore, I am trained in using multiple evidenced-based treatments and can assess the needs of my clients to deliver the appropriate model of care.

I bring a unique perspective that blends with Sally’s approach as it seeks to highlight the overall well-being of the client. It enhances the spiritual, mental and psychological aspects of an individual or couples experience.

I have an unyielding passion for supporting my clients in their healing process. By utilizing a foundational approach that’s rooted in Humanistic Counseling, I strive to empower my clients to develop a stronger, healthier sense of themselves, and to gain authentic purpose and meaning in their lives.

I want your experience to provide you with a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere. A place for you to focus on unearthing your true potential. I implement psychotherapeutic techniques that address issues at the root and challenge many of our dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

In a collaborative effort with my clients we will find powerful solutions to problems and challenges. You will do the deeper work of self-exploration, and changing destructive patterns of behavior that block you or keep you stuck. You will be placed on the path to healing. You will find true alignment with yourself.

Utilizing integrative psychotherapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral and Narrative Therapy, I assist in breaking down old and negative paradigms that no longer work for my clients. These “negative or old stories” once shifted, have the ability to repair and restore you as an individual, as a partner and as a member of your family.

I view my clients interpersonal relationships and family interactions as vital to their psychological well-being. My goal is to assist in facilitating powerful and meaningful conversations that will support growth between family members and within themselves, individually. The goal here is to focus on increasing your self-awareness and develop a deeper ability to peel away the layers of pain and hurt that have been perceived as truths in the mind. My therapeutic process helps clients to reveal a renewed capacity to trust oneself, decrease anxiety and stress, and promote a greater sense of purposeful living.

My approach identifies who my clients truly are and provides clarity and support, while launching them into a place of wholeness, healing, and authentic confidence to actualize their potential, power and self love.

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