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Andre Frazier

Certified Behavior Specialist and Peer Support

I am a veteran with over 20 years of honorable military service. Being a retired soldier, I became interested in the mental health field for many reasons. One being that I can relate to those that live with PTSD, Anxiety, and depression, and I wanted to find ways to help others. With the desire to help others I decided to go back to school. I attended The University of Phoenix in 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. After graduating I worked for Riverside County in Southern California. As a Mental Health Counselor, I was able to support the clients in developing coping mechanisms that helped to foster healthy relationships with others. I wanted to do my part in the community by counseling clients either individually or in group therapy.

Helping the clients overcome dependencies, and finding different ways to cope with difficult life changes became a passion for me. As a Mental Health Peer Specialist for the County of Riverside, California I would inform, train, support and empower clients along with their families/caregivers who directly or indirectly received mental health services. Working with other Peer Support Specialists, I was responsible for facilitating self-help groups for clients, youth, family members and caregivers. I would also participate in special events, conferences, workshops and trainings within the mental health system and in the community.

Being the father of a child with Autism, I wanted to take this experience to a different level. I moved to Orlando, Florida in 2018 and began to work with children with Special Needs. As a Registered Behavioral Therapist, I worked directly with autistic clients in the classroom environment. My job was to observe different behaviors, while collecting data to measure the client’s success. Andre prepared class materials, and taught lessons that supported each child's growth, and individual goals.

Now as a member of the team at High Expectations I am proud to be the Community Outreach Coordinator as well as work with clients of all ages using our Virtual Reality Therapy reaching clients with modern technology to bring about more effective and lasting results to those suffering from ptsd, trauma, phobias and many other mental health related issues. I run the men’s support groups and work closely with families and children to bring about change that is effective, change that last and change that will enhance and improve my clients overall well being. I am passionate about working with others and nothing brings me more joy than to see their lives improve for the better.

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