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Anger Therapy Services in Orlando

Anger Therapy services in Orlando is on the rise.  Management for anger is such a commonly thrown around term. How do you know if you need counseling for anger therapy? Anger Therapy counseling in Edgewood is very beneficial. I truly feel at Life Counseling Orlando, you will receive the best there is to offer in assisting you. Orlando anger therapy services is about treating all of the root causes and underlying fear that drives the anger.  If you feel that your anger is out-of-control and that it’s impacting all areas of your life, it might be time to consider talking to a therapist specializing in anger and how to manage emotions. There are several benefits to doing this. You can learn how to manage your anger by working on the messages, emotions and statements that you tell yourself such as:

  • Your expectations for how others should or should not treat you.
  • The belief that this world is out to get you.
  • You feel miss understood and nobody gets you.
  • The thought that your way is the only way and others are always wrong.
  • I never get my way so why should I change.
  • Life is unfair and people are always out to hurt me

Anger Therapy Services in Orlando

When does anger become a problem and when should I seek help ?

A very powerful emotion like anger can influence people’s behaviors and thought choices. This  then can contribute to aggression and/or violence. Also leading to intentional or often unintentional acts of self-harm which lead to social and/or legal problems. Anger can also be an indication of some psychological conditions: Major depression or bipolar, Drugs and alcohol abuse may help to numb the anger temporarily, but more times than not it has the effect of worsening someone’s anger. Drugs and alcohol will lead to a reduction of ones ability towards self-control and can lead to becoming impulsive.

Let’s talk about what is really under anger. What rest under anger is always fear. I describe the motivator of fear into two categories. Not getting what I want or something being taken away from me. Your anger can mask easily your fears and your vulnerabilities.

There’s a very strong correlations between anger and someones level of fear.  Anger is related to the fight (when discussing the fight and flight response to threat). Most animals and humans respond by either fighting or fleeing. Humans are not always put in a position to fight when they feel threatened so they use their anger instead. Today our words are the form in which we get to fight. Anger can become addictive because it stimulates the bodies adrenaline and rouses the brain and the body to either fight or to flee a situation that is threatening. 

If you think you may have an anger problem, you may be aware its there but not know quite what to do. Other times you may also not even be aware of your anger. You find yourself having to defend to others that you do not have a problem which only leads to more frustration.

 Anger Therapy Services in Orlando

Signs you may need help:

  • You have a persistent feeling of frustration when it comes to yourself and others.
  • It is hard to find enjoyment and joy in life. You do not seek the company others.
  • With  a hot temper you have the tendency to yell or argue with other people.
  • You show signs of physical symptoms such as headaches, rapid breathing, rush of heat throughout the body.
  • It takes very little for you to go from zero to hundred.

It’s important to understand that anger is just a symptom and that at the root underneath it all is fear.  Once we can together identify the fear then the anger really has no purpose. We can walk around this world knowing that we have no control over how people drive, treat us, the outcome of things, but that we do have control over how much energy and personal power were going to allow it to affect us.

The irrational thoughts that I refer to as “crazy making”, keep us in victim mode. It creates unnecessary emotional distress. When we have rigid expectations of ourselves we find that we place them on others. Expectations will always lead to resentment.  Remember that anger is a normal and natural response but when it gets out of hand it can and will become destructive to yourself and others leading you to feeling isolated and alone. Let’s work together to learn new techniques and insights into handling your anger so that you can live a fulfilling and more peaceful life.

I learned a long time ago that no one really cares if your angry or not. If we don’t change our kids will leave, we will be isolated from others, lonely and always stuck in the “righteous victim” mode. People just avoid you and move on. Anger is nothing more than fear and fear stems from two root things”

  1. Not getting what I want.
  2. Something being taken away from me.

Try asking yourself the next time you find yourself angry, What is the underlying fear? What is it that I am not getting or I perceive that I am losing? Anger stems always form the way you view things should be, ought to be, etc. Why else would you be angry? Can’t we just let people be themselves?

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