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Addiction Counselor Find The Right Fit

Addiction Counselor

Find The Right Fit

Addiction Counselor

Addiction Counselor and helping to assist you in your journey to freedom. Simply and plainly stated drugs and alcohol ruin people lives. It will derail your future and any dreams you may have had. It takes no prisoners and will lead to death. For some when in the throes of addiction there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. You feel abandoned and alone right now. Long term drug use changes ones personality. It will ruin your relationship with your family, wreck your career and take all of your money and health. Addiction therapists are helpful in guiding the addict to dry land.

Addiction Counselor

Addiction directly affects 23.5 million people today in America. This works out to 1 in 10 who are affected by drugs and alcohol. Clearly you can see that your not alone. Therapy with an addiction counselor does and will work. With the willingness to take suggestions and work hard you can beat this.

Whether you come in for yourself or a family member, spouse of close friend deeply desiring you to seek help, you must be honest and be self motivated to change.

Reasons to Stop Using Drugs and Seek an Addiction Counselor

  1. You will finely get off the daily grind and torture that your mind and body are putting you through minute by minute.
  2. You will see that your relationships are starting to become restored.
  3. You are clear headed and able to start taking personal ownership for your life. No longer are you a number on a chart in some treatment center.
  4. Insight and awareness starts to come in making it harder to think about going backwards.
  5. Simply stated you will end up as AA and NA say, in (Jail, Institutions or dead.)

Addiction Counselor

What is Our Role

What truly is the role of an addiction counselor? I am referring to therapy after you have completed an inpatient or more intensive treatment such as inpatient or IOP. I am the therapist that will assist you in long term recovery. By meeting weekly at first, we will uncover all of the necessary core issues that were never addressed at those above mentioned levels of care.

These places are shuffling their clients from group to group, never really engaging with the client to take the time to get to know them. I say this with confidence because I have spent 10 years working in substance abuse treatment centers. Telling the clients they must stay close to the rooms of AA or NA can only be helpful up to a point.

Call today and understand our unique approach to helping you get your life back on track. Trust me We get it. Call today for a free 30 minute phone consultation.