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Mental Therapist Near Me Life Counseling Orlando

Mental Therapist Near Me

Life Counseling Orlando

Mental Therapist Near Me

Finding a mental therapist near me and the right one to help me with my concerns. Most people when searching for a therapist do not want to travel far from home. They have just worked a long day at the office or have been with the kids all day. The last thing they want to do is get in the car and drive more than 20 min to see their counselor. I get it. By the time your there you are tired, cranky and not in the mood to discuss your problems or those issues related to another. Many have misconceptions of how to find the right therapist.

Mental Therapist Near Me

Find the Right One

So how do you go about finding one near you that you will feel comfortable with and feel relates to you and your issues? My approach is to tell clients or potential clients to always interview the counselor before ever setting an appointment. If the therapist is to busy and has a receptionist taking the appointment then you are limited to wasting the first session knowing very little about who you are going to see. You may have read an online profile but nothing beats being able to talk on the phone for a long enough time so you can see if you both are a good fit.

Mental Therapist Near Me

Questions You May Want To Ask

Do you have the flexibility to do sessions on the weekends?

I find it very useful for my clients to see them on Saturday or Sunday. They love this idea especially when it involves trying to work out the sessions and include their spouse or partner. Schedules get hectic during the week.

Does the therapist provide a sliding scale or does she know what out of network billing is?

The therapist should be proficient in walking you through how to contact your insurance and asking for approved sessions out of network. It is easy and can be done.

How long are the sessions?

Most therapist, almost all give 50 min sessions and charge an arm and a leg. I don’t see how this is effective for both the client and therapist. Almost all of my clients upon the initial call tell me that they have had bad experiences with therapist coming off cold and mean. My session on a minimum last 75 min.

Mental Therapist Near Me

If your looking for a dynamic and unique approach to mental health counseling then look no further. With the flexible schedule I can provide and tailored approach for each individual client it is a no brainier. Explore my site and see if you like what you read.