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Therapist Orlando What Exactly Do We Do?

Therapist Orlando

What Exactly Do We Do?

Therapist Orlando

Therapist Orlando and do they really do much at all? That may depend on what your seeking help for. What approach do you respond best to? What are your outcomes or hopes for seeking a therapist? Therapist attempt to help their clients to resolve the problems they are facing. It is my job to get you to a place where you no longer need therapy. For you to reach this goal it is very important that you work in collaboration with me.

It is important for you to hear it from the side of a therapist. Below are some of the things I find important for potential clients to understand in regards to therapy and counseling.

Therapist Orlando

What We Want You To Know

Therapist Orlando

It’s not my job to tell you what you should do.

Please don’t expect me to tell you and your partner to get a divorce or to stay together. That would be playing God. Only you will know what the right decision is. Your job in therapy is to allow in collaboration with me the ability to sift and sort through your life and it’s personal dramas. I won’t tell you to quit your job or leave your kid with your ex and skip town. In session I may give you several other view points should you ask for them. I can help bring into alignment that which you cannot see outside of your personal blind spots.

Talking in session is not really doing the work.

That is just the school or place to come and learn the new material you need once session ends and you leave my office. 99% of therapy is actually putting in place what you have learned while with me in session.

I am not telling others about your session.

Please understand that therapist have their own lives. We are not always thinking about you after session. Maybe early on in my career I would go home and ruminate thinking about what I should or could have done better. As a seasoned therapist, I am direct and to the point. Understanding my approach will help you to get a better idea of how I approach therapy.

You do not need to have a mental disorder to seek therapy.

Many people have the misconception you must be “crazy” to seek help. You do not have to have a diagnosis for depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc to seek therapy. Going to therapy for most is about having the opportunity to have a safe and unbiased environment. A place where you can review the direction your life is going. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed the therapy can help you explore alternatives and get a new perspective on life.

Therapist Orlando

Therapist Orlando

A New Perspective

Hopefully now you have a better inside look at how a therapist may think and approach therapy. Remember that I have seen it all, more than likely have had first hand experience with it and seek to assist never judge. You are the one that is brave and willing to start thinking outside of the box. Start this journey and watch your life take off.