Divorce Affects Children | Learn How Your Not Helping

divorce affects children

Divorce Affects Children

Divorce Affects Children in many ways. It amazes me still to this day the amount of damage we are doing to our kids by placing them in the middle of the mudslinging in a divorce. Read below my top 10 most effective ways that divorce affects children.  Can you identify yourself in any of these?

2. Make sure to send your kids as spies to listen in on the other parent and report back to you information that you can use in court. You will do a great job creating panic attacks, meltdowns and tremendous amounts of guilt and shame for your child.

3. Make sure to invade their personal space. Be a helicopter parent. Go through their phones, iPads for any information that the other parent may be sending be thorough. When you do find any conversation make sure to beat your kid up and yell at them and scream at them for having the audacity to communicate with that parent.

4. Talk about every detail in regards to the attorneys, how much money you’re having to spend and what a burden the kids are during this time period.

5. Make sure that you cover all your bases and force the kids to going to therapy so that they believe that they caused it. You want to have good court document stating that you were a pro active parent in seeking help for your child. Do not attempt any healthy communication first for the sake of the children.

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6. Make sure that when you’re bashing your soon-to-be ex, you do it in front of your kids. Don’t filter anything that’s coming out of your mouth. Let it rip.

7. By all means don’t allow the other parent to call or attempt to come over to visit. Hide your child, take them out of school early, leave from the house, take their cell phones. Make sure to let them know that talking to the other parent hurts your feelings. Make your child feel bad for wanting to spend time with the other parent. Let anger rule as their primary emotions.

8. Make sure that your child gets a full understanding of how awful your ex is. Drudge up every and any information before they were born to current day. This way they know what an awful horrible person they are and how wonderful and good and kind you are.

9. Go ahead and spend all your money buying your kids all sorts of expensive items. You can make sure that your house is the fun house.

10.  Shut the child down quickly when they come to ask any question. Can’t your kids see that you are the one going through a meltdown. Your anxiety and depression and explosive temper needs attention first.

Divorce Affects Children | Seek Help Now

Here you have it. My top 10 list of effective ways to damage your kids through divorce. Do you see yourself or can relate to any of these above? If you do than please consider getting individual help for yourself and family counseling for our child. Children are sponges and they pick up on everything you are saying. Let’s please let them be kids.

Children’s counseling is geared to assisting them and allowing them the space to feel comfortable. This allows them to open up with a therapist. They feel seen and validated. That their words and voice do matter. 

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