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Addiction and Family Support Counseling Orlando

Addiction and Family Support Counseling Orlando

Addiction and family support counseling Orlando is vital in order to better understand your addicted loved one. Coping with addiction in the family requires support for the family and the addict. What is the difference between supporting the addict and enabling them to continue further use. What should the family members, spouses and children do at such the crucial and difficult time when they sit back and feel powerless, unable to reach their loved one? You want so badly to find a solution, an answer. You try various methods:

  • Following the addict around to assure they are not using.
  • Treatment and interventions
  • Relocation and threats of kicking the person out.
  • Attempt to motivate and reward the addict if they stop.
  • Threats, Monitoring their use by asking for random drug test

Family Support Counseling Orlando

The Addict is the Master Manipulator

One of the most important things you need to know first and foremost is that the addiction has developed your loved one into a person you barely recognize. They have over time become master manipulators able to play off of your heart strings to get what they need. Often times too the family is in such denial that it could be happening to their family that they chose to ignore the problem hoping it will go away. Denial only allows the addict to further manipulate their family by convincing them that they do not have a problem. The addiction continues to grow. It takes over the families time, resources and energy. All efforts fail because of the one true fact about addicts. They MUST hit a bottom before they will stop. They must reach a point where they know that the pain of using far outweighs the gains and they are desperate enough to stop and make a drastic change.

Addiction and Family Support Counseling Orlando

The truth is that everyone is powerless over the addiction and once we realize this and learn to “detach with love” the real healing can start to take place. Parents and loved ones can start recovery programs for themselves such as AL-ANON/ALATEEN which are aimed at young children and teens living with the addict as well as adults. These are groups of people who come together to support each other. They share their own personal stories of their relationship with the addict as it relates directly back to themselves. It focuses on the three C’s.

  1. You didn’t Cause it.
  2. You can’t Cure it.
  3. You're not able to Control it

Seeking addiction therapy and family support counseling to learn this concept of detaching with love is hugely beneficial. The message being sent to the addict is that you will not stand by and allow it to hold you prisoner. You love the person, not the addict and will continue on in your life and put your needs and the children’s first. The addict always has a choice when they want to stop. Yes the road is rocky but they can get clean if they have hit their “bottom”. It is not your job to rescue or try to save them.

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