Grief Counseling Orlando FL | What Are The Benefits?

grief counseling Orlando FL

Grief Counseling Orlando FL | What Are The Benefits?

Grief Counseling Orlando FL and what are the benefits? Loss is a very natural programmed response to loss. A person often feels that if they experience grief then something major is wrong. A large part of our experience as humans is loss. It is just as important to learn and gain from the benefits of this experience. Learning to not resist grief is important to understanding the vastness of joy on the same spectrum of emotions.

Learning to deal with grief starts with allowing yourself to feel it first. We are conditioned humans to not feel pain so we resist what is so very natural. Anything unpleasant, anxiety, anger, depression  we tell ourselves we are not allowed to feel. Relax and know that grief is natural. 

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Grief Counseling Orlando FL | How Grief Affects Us

A working definition for grief is the mental distress or suffering one feels over affliction or loss. A sharp and painful sorrow or regret.

Grief can be associate with any loss. The loss of a career, pet, a relationship, child or close family member. We often associate grief with the death of a person close to us. Don’t attempt to minimize your loss or grief. It is very personal to you and you alone. 

Grief is an intense personal experience. A person’s emotional, physical and mental world is thrown into a different altered state of reality. We get caught on this wave of loss and feel it on such a personal level. Others feel it in a more subtle way.  Grief is at times more subtle. It is a constant, more gentle sense of loss. Grief is a times very personal and at other times is collective (family or community). The important factor to know is that all feel grief and all handle the emotional response in a different and unique way relative to themselves.

If you want to move through the grief then the easiest and fastest way to do this is to allow yourself the chance to fully feel it. Be mindful and present. Why are we a culture that is so quick to take a pill or act out in a mind numbing behavior and cover up grief? Grief is nothing more than the conditioned mind perceiving that you have lost something. 

Grief Counseling Orlando FL and What Does it Address?

As your therapist my goal is to help you make the transition through the 7 known stages of grief. These 7 stages are typical for any human going through the loss of something close to them.

Grief takes on a life of it’s own and if you do not allow yourself the time to feel it and to heal then you stay stuck in these stages and repeat them over and over. It will come as waves washing over you. The harder you try to deny the feeling the more grief you will feel. 

Grief Counseling Orlando FL | My Goal as Your Therapist

My goal as your therapist is to help move you through these stages of loss: The shock and denial / Pain and Guilt / Bargaining and Anger / Depression and Isolation / The upward turn / Reconstructing and working through / Acceptance and finally peace and resolution.

If channeled in the right direction, the energy that grief brings in can be used constructively. You will find a new freedom when you perceive a loss in your life. Healing through grief counseling is helpful when you allow yourself to open up and let another help and assist you. You are not alone. 

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  1. This article has taught me a lot about grief counseling. It was interesting to learn that this type of counseling can help those who are experiencing sorrow or regret. I hope this article can help us to know what to do the next time a loved one passes away in our family.

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