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Group Counseling

Digging Deeper Women’s Process and Spirituality Group

Digging Deeper Women’s Process and Spirituality Group

You know how it feels when you're carrying the weight of heavy emotions. You're ashamed to speak about them out loud. You may feel you're the only one experiencing the emotion. You try to suppress it and carry on but it just keeps resurfacing. What if I were to tell you that your job is to drop that weight, those self-imposed chains you put on yourself. Drop the expectations that you have to be everything to everyone and that if not you’re failing in life.

We are humans who desire a connection with others. We are not meant to “go it alone” in life and carry the weight of the world. While individual therapy can be extremely helpful there is something magical about the power of group processing. What you will soon realize is that there are others who know just how you feel. They can relate to one another on the heart level.

You will feel supported, nurtured and safe to share those more painful emotions and situations present in your life.

The spiritual component is a term used to bring awareness to your higher self. That self that is not identified with the mind chatter and all of the rules, that we have been deeming as right and wrong our whole lives. Your higher self is constantly seeking balance and alignment. Learn how to live from your most authentic and aligned version of who you really are.

Some topics that will be discussed in addition to group process will be the following:

We are an open, ongoing group for adult women (age 18+) who are seeking to move through any blocks and stressful emotions keeping you tied down. Members can join at any time in the year when an opening is available. We accept referrals year-round and keep a wait list when it is full.

We encourage women to consider using Zoom to attend the meeting if getting out of the house is not an option or you are hesitant due to the virus. We have taken all precautionary steps to ensure on our end that our office is sanitized and we are practicing social distancing. We have the space to keep each member 6 feet apart.

Young Adults Online Support Group

ng Adults Online Support Group

This group is aimed at helping young adults both female and male, learn to navigate these challenging times when feelings of being overwhelmed, confused and discouraged are consuming us. This group provides support, builds confidence, and connects you with others that can relate and gives you a wonderful feeling of being plugged in.

We encourage you to join our Young Adult Therapy Group if:

This group provides a safe and compassionate environment that allows you to process your inner thoughts, fears, concerns, etc. You will receive the support you need from your peers that really “get you”. When you connect with others, you will see your mood improve and worry and stress start to decrease. You will gain the skills and the insight into positive relationships with others.

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