Healthy Relationships Orlando | What Is One?

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Healthy Relationships Orlando

Healthy relationships Orlando and dating? How do we define one? The early months in a new relationship often feel effortless and wonderful. No one can do wrong, differences in each other are seen as acceptable and great qualities. The relationship is new, exciting and full of laughter. Long lasting relationships involve effort as well as compromise by both. Building healthy and lasting patterns early in the relationship helps establish a solid and firm foundation for the long run.

Healthy Relationships Orlando vs. Unhealthy 

To me a healthy relationship is opposite from two dominoes leaning up against each other. If one falls down then the other does too. This means that the relationship is solely based on the other person meeting your needs. If they do not meet your needs, you crumble. What kind of a relationship is that? A codependent, needs based, unaware, insecure one.

We have all of these expectations on the other person to act, feel, think, believe certain ways and do certain things. Then we get offended when the expectation is not met. We get angry and upset and become the righteous victim. Does this sound familiar?

When first starting a relationship, it’s important that the following factors are established:

Healthy Relationships Orlando Builds a strong Foundation 

  • Focus on considerate and kind acts your partner says and does. Happy and successful couples go out of their way to intentionally notice small opportunities in which they can tell each other “thank you” rather than focusing on mistakes their partner has made.

A Healthy Relationship allows your partner to explore their personal interests.

  • Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone to explore each other’s passions and interest. Create together a long list of exciting things to enjoy together. How can we expect a relationship to be healthy if we are unwilling to step out of our comfort zone?

Establishing a pattern of admitting when you were wrong.

  • Learning to admit when you make a mistake or hurt the others feelings is key. Saying “I’m sorry” is often hard for some but it goes a long way towards healing a dispute in the relationship.

Communication is the key to building a lasting and healthy relationship. It will only work if you both desire and expect the same things. You must be on the same page.

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Relationships Orlando

  • Speaking Up. If something is really bothering you, don’t hold it in and assume your partner should “just know” why your upset. You must talk about the issue at hand in the present moment.
  • Respecting Your Partner. You must see that your partner has their own separate desires and values and that there in no right or wrong. Mutual respect is the ability to really see your partner without your own assumptions and bias in the way.
  • Compromising. Disagreements are going to happen but if you both can learn the skill of compromise then you will see the bond of your relationship get healthier and healthier. Allow each to speak without interrupting, find compromise and realize that you always work as a team.
  • Being Supportive. It’s important for each partner to cheer each other on. Offer reassurance, support and encouragement.  Don’t stay silent when you need support from your partner. Often times we just need someone to hold the space and let us talk. We don’t always need the other to “fix it”.
  • Respect the Privacy of each other. Give each other the space to be independent. A relationship is a healthy blend of interdependence and independence.
Healthy Relationships Orlando and Getting the Help You Need

Seek counseling today for healthy relationships and get off to a fresh start with those you love. My approach is collaborative. As a team we will discuss those things blocking you from having close and intimate relationships with others. This may be done in individual therapy, couples counseling or even family therapy. Many times it is a combination of different modalities. Call today and let’s start the real work that brings joy and happiness to your relationships.