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Career Transition Coaching

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Leaving your old career and moving on to a new position, company, or field can be a time ripe with opportunity and adventure, but often it can also leave us feeling stressed out and worried about the future. Our Career Transition Program focuses on the personal demands placed on the individual during periods of change and high uncertainty. Our program is designed to critically explore, identify, and transform an individual’s self-limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and actions to ensure that they are set up for success from the inside-out. Together the coach and client will conduct an in-depth exploration of the potential challenges and victories ahead, what other aspects of life may experience change, and what actions or mindsets the individual can apply to cope with the transition in a confident and progressive manner. Through this process our clients cultivate a strong personal foundation that will prepare and drive them to reach personal happiness, peace of mind, and success regardless of their intended career path. Through our career transition program you will gain the tools, personal insight, and confidence necessary to seamlessly move into the next phase of your professional life.

When to seek Career Transition Coaching:

  • Seeking Promotion
  • Recently Promoted
  • Transition into a new field of work
  • Transition into a new company
  • Clarity on what’s next for your career
  • Retirement
  • Professional Re-Invention

Our Program Explores:

  • Fear of moving into the unknown
  • Potential challenges
  • Potential for growth
  • How to adapt to and overcome the challenges
  • Internal environment around the transition
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Self Confidence
  • What you want to contribute
  • What you’re leaving behind (old position, friends, team, environment…)
  • Life adjustments to accommodate the change
    • Family
    • Time management
    • Individual needs
  • Work and life balance
  • Career trajectory
  • Self-discovery during time of change
  • Cultivation and preservation of momentum

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