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Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching

When you’re on a team, it is vital to the team’s success to understand the roles that each player is best suited to, what strengths each member brings to the table, and the most effective ways to communicate with one another. In marriage and long-term partnerships, the same understanding of your partner can do wonders to improve communication, connection, and an overall appreciation for the person you have decided to make a major part of your life ‘team’. Our couples coaching programs is intended to help ease the oh-so-common daily struggles that come with an intimate relationship.

At High Expectations we view couples through the lens of each individual being whole, complete, unique, and valuable in their partnership and we aim to assist you in finding new and more effective ways of interacting with your partner. This improved understanding will be gained through both individual sessions and sessions with your partner where we will do a deep dive into your individual values, beliefs, needs, and desires in order to align the personal foundations that make up the different perspectives within your relationship. Throughout our sessions we will discover new goals, challenges, and changes in your relationship and thoroughly delve into what that looks like for you, how you may approach future challenges as a team, and how you can interact with one another in a way that fosters love, growth, and support. Doing this foundational work within your partnership will not always be easy, but with openness and honesty, this work can help you to co-create one of the most rewarding and deep connections that life has to offer.

Our couples program is LGBTQ+ friendly

You make seek Couples Coaching if you (and/or your partner):

  • Struggle to communicate
  • Don’t understand a partner’s perspective
  • Want to deepen your connection
  • Want to create, foster, or grow unconditional love
  • Don’t feel like a team with your partner
  • Want to create more understanding
  • Don’t feel like you’re on the same page
  • Want to clarify where your life is taking you together
  • Feel like something needs to change but you don’t know what or why
  • Rejuvenate your connection
  • Have trouble reconciling differences in priorities

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