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Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching

We are often our own biggest enemy when it comes to achieving our dietary and fitness goals. While working with my clients as a personal trainer I often found that their biggest obstacle to success was a lack of belief in their own ability to succeed. The Fitness Coaching Program is designed to target the mental aspect of physical fitness by identifying and transforming the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that stand between you and your physical peak. By addressing the mind-game behind your personal fitness journey you will gain internal drive and break free from the negative self-imposed discouragement that stands between you and success. While working with your coach you will learn to define healthy and realistic timelines based on your personal health and fitness goals, cultivate positive daily habits and mindsets that foster long term success, and utilize simple but effective tools for measuring your progress. Using a holistic approach, your coach will partner with you to explore and nurture your health and fitness goals through body, mind, and spirit while encouraging a space of optimistic growth-oriented success and unconditional self-acceptance.

When to seek Fitness Coaching:

  • Challenging fitness goals
  • Struggling with insecurity around fitness
  • Lacking motivation to start or continue fitness/dietary program
  • Difficulty breaking unhealthy habits
  • Inability to envision success
  • Body image mental blocks
  • Negative self talk around personal fitness image
  • Or if you notice yourself saying or thinking:
    • “I should look like this…”
    • “I wish I looked like them.”
    • “I’ve been doing this for a month, I should see something by now.”
    • “What am I doing wrong?”
    • “This is pointless.”
    • “I’ll never look like that.”
    • “I don’t know what I’m doing.”
    • "Why can't I just get it together?"
    • "Why can't I make myself care about my health?"

In the Fitness Coaching Program you will:

  • Gain effective tools for measuring progress
  • Learn to celebrate your progress
  • Learn to set realistic timelines and expectations that won’t undermine your progress and success
  • Mitigate the typical discouragement that occurs shortly into beginning a physical training program
  • Address and clear self-judgment, insecurity, and fear around your fitness goals
  • Cultivate positive daily habits and mindsets that foster long term success
  • Champion TOTAL BODY ACCEPTANCE from beginning to end

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