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Learn the basics of mediation on a guided journey through your energetic chakra system. This 8-week course teaches you how to create your own enjoyable, sustainable meditation practice, tailored to your unique needs, lifestyle, and personality. Weekly guided meditations introduce techniques such as visualization, focused attention, and skillful compassion. We will explore mantras, mudras, breath work, and rituals designed to help you ease into the sweet spot, and want to return. Select the tools that work best for you, and cultivate a personal routine that you love.

Chakra 1, Root: “I have.”

A balanced root chakra helps us feel secure and anchored, more confident to pursue our paths. Let’s explore building strong foundations, in order to manifest our dreams in the physical realm. This energy center is about the Self, the right to be, and to have. We investigate finding comfort in our bodies, owning the meditation space, and establishing a ritual.

Chakra 2, Sacral: “I feel.”

While the root is about survival, the sacral chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment in being: our lives in relationship to others. This chakra’s element is water, however, and the key to this energy center is flow. Can we understand our desires without grasping? We explore mudras, or hand gestures in meditation, and how they can be used to draw ourselves inward.

Chakra 3, Solar Plexus: “I can.”

Will power, drive, and inner fire arise within our solar plexus chakra. Here, we can ignite our sense of purpose, identify our goals, make a decision, and stick with it. This chakra is named Manipura in Sanskrit, which means, “resplendent gem.” Meditation on this chakra helps to access our higher Self and clarify what really drives us and why. We explore the ritual of cleansing with fire and smoke.

Chakra 4, Heart: “I love.”

An open heart chakra allows us to forgive and release judgment. And can we love others unconditionally, without feeling that for ourselves? A guided meditation, “Taking and Giving,” helps us strengthen our empathy and compassion. We experiment with Tibetan bowls and chimes, and the power of sound to influence the emotions.

Chakra 5, Throat: “I speak.”

Where else would the confidence to use our authentic voice arise? Yet, the throat chakra is also about listening. This is where we find both the respect for our own voice and the confidence to truly hear to others. We discuss negative self-talk, and those looping untruths we may have collected. Mantras are explained, and how their repetition can alter our neural pathways and replace negative self-talk.

Chakra 6, Third Eye: “I see.”

An open third eye chakra lets us see clearly, backwards and forwards, understanding our responsibility in both our pasts and our futures. We talk about guilt and worry, wisdom and imagination. Visualization is explored, why it can be exhausting, and methods for improving visualization skills. We look at symbols, and how they can be used as a shortcut to the subconscious.

Chakra 7, Crown: “I know.”

To meditate on the crown chakra is to touch the “I” who watches the mind. When we connect with the true source of our consciousness, we can observe the mind more objectively and be less reactive to rising thoughts and emotions. We talk about knowledge, wisdom, and beliefs, and we investigate sensory methods for transport.

Chakra 8, Aura: “We are.”

Your aura is your energetic field that is beyond your seeable, tactile reality, yet it is you. But, if your aura blends with another, then which is “you” and what is “them”? If absolute separateness is an illusion, then we are all intrinsically connected. Meditating on the aura brings peace in seeing the larger scope of our lives, and helps to dispel feelings of loneliness or isolation. We experiment with breath work, advanced meditation techniques, and discuss the benefits of going outside the comfort zone.


Tuesday 7pm-8:00
Wednesday 7pm-8:00pm

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up and sign in.


628 East Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801

Price : $15 per class

8 week package $100 (save $20)

-Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

-For Private Meditation Sessions and more information please call 407-967-1327.


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