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Post-Military Reintegration Coaching for Veterans

Post-Military Reintegration Coaching for Veterans

The transition from military life back into the civilian sector can be overwhelming and daunting. This transition is unique in nature, just like military life is. Many separated veterans tend to feel out of place, unsure of what is next, and often experience a feeling of being lost. But when you take an objective look at what this transition entails, it makes sense that it could be a challenging adjustment.

For starters, everything is changing. You likely moved after separating. You are likely beginning a new job in a new organization bringing massive adjustment in your work environment. Your social norms have to be recalibrated as many civilians may not relate to your background and unique experiences. That sense of deep community we share in the service might disappear overnight. The friends and military family we forge deep bonds with may still be enlisted, and people who were regulars in our life may be less involved. You build your life around your military career, and when you get out you realize that the machine keeps moving on without you.

All of this change can easily overwhelm us and lead to feelings of being disconnected, purposeless, and unsure of who we are. This experience can undermine your confidence and willingness to engage fully with the possibilities that your new found freedom presents. These internal emotional and mental blocks can make this transition feel suffocating, scary, and lonely. Having experienced this first hand, we created this program to help other veterans overcome the many challenges associated with this transition.

Our program is designed to help veterans in transition redefine what their life looks like based on their own terms. We will do this through conducting deep dives into what you value and believe, what your passions and interests are, and all of the foundational elements that make you who you are. With a strong foundation in place we will explore all of the unique experiences, skills, and strengths you gained during your military (and pre-military) experience and how those can be leveraged in your future endeavors to create success. There is no better time than now to take stock of how far you have come, where you’re going, and who you want to be.

The mission of our program is to assist you to:

  • Partner with a coach who has personally experienced military life and transition out of service
  • Define and leverage the unique strengths gained during your service
  • Find and create a new community for this new phase in life
  • Define and embrace a self-appointed purpose built on your own passions and talents
  • Gain a deep understanding of your personal identity based in their self-defined values and beliefs
  • Fully appreciate, understand, grow from, and release the last chapter of your life
  • Explore and define new goals and dreams to pursue
  • Integrate back into the social and professional structures of the civilian environment
  • Foster an internal feeling of pride, confidence, and belonging
  • Bolster coping skills during a time of great transition and change
  • Understand how this transition affects or changes your family dynamic
  • Find and embrace your new path and move confidently into your next chapter

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