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Self Discovery Coaching

Self Discovery Coaching

From birth, our families, communities, culture, and social structures tell us who we are. We all play many different roles and embody a number of societal labels at any given time. We may be mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. We are spouses, employees, managers, and neighbors. We can be construction workers, lawyers, or waitresses. We may be gay or straight, black or white, good or bad. We are rich and poor, short and tall, religious and atheist. We might be athletic, artistic, or energetic. But do any of these roles and labels begin to answer the question of who you really are? In order to begin answering this question, we must explore the foundational core of what makes us who we are.

Like building a house, you need a solid foundation. In self-discovery, that solid foundation comes from understanding your core values, deeply held beliefs, and your most basic human needs. These three aspects of us make the foundation on which we build our lives, and when unaware or out of touch with these three aspects of ourselves we are prone to building a life that may conflict with our innermost selves, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and uneasy. By truly understanding your own foundation, you can build your life with 'materials' that work in harmony with who you are. By creating awareness around what makes a harmonious and happy life for ourselves, we are able to take accountability and create change within our own lives on a deeply meaningful and fulfilling level.

In addition, self-discovery comes with personal awareness and accountability for our internal environment, meaning our thoughts, emotions, mindsets, and behaviors. Our brains are wired to be pessimistic, worried, and always looking for the next problem coming our way, but these tendencies do little to help us create lasting happiness and peace within our lives. Our thoughts and mindsets create our perceptions, and in turn produce our interactions with our outer world and the people around us. Our self-discovery program is designed to cultivate self-awareness and encourage the individual to take accountability for the circumstances in their life. We believe that through self-awareness and ownership of one’s thoughts, actions, and beliefs you can directly impact both your internal and external environment for the better.

When to seek Self Discovery Coaching:

  • Answering the question of “Who am I?”
  • Gaining confidence and self esteem
  • Learning self acceptance and self love
  • A desire for emotional growth
  • Understand and implementing self-care
  • If you find yourself self-sabotaging
  • Feel as if things happening to and/or around you are out of your control
  • Experience frequent negative internal dialogue and/or persistent negative thoughts
  • Want to determine your unique strengths, talents, and skills
  • Desire to find purpose and direction in life
  • Experience a general unhappiness with life
  • Feeling like something needs to give

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