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Leadership Counseling Orlando

What type of leader are you?

Do you find others in the workplace respond accurately to your guidance and direction? You may find yourself struggling and having a difficult time managing teams, employees, or maintaining professional networking relationships?

At High Expectations Counseling you will learn the skills needed to solidify your supervisory and leadership style. Expand your emotional intelligence and gain the awareness to be an effective leader in the workplace.

These are just some of the areas at High Expectations Counseling that can be addressed with you in personal, one-on-one coaching sessions. With years of supervisory and leadership work experience, Thomas Cruz blends his professional real-life training with an academic approach, combining both theory and practical application in real-world leadership scenarios.

Thomas graduated from Penn State University, with a Master’s degree in the Psychology of Leadership and has lead workgroup teams and divisions within organizations ranging from non-profit, academic, and healthcare institutions.

Some coaching topic examples include:

1. Leadership Personality Style

Do you feel that you have the style and skills of a leader, or that you’ve had work experiences that developed you with strengths in that area? Through this type of coaching, we can figure out whether what type of leader you are and what traits will complement your leadership style to propel you forward in your career.

2. Supervising a Global Workforce

Do you have the skills to lead various cultures? What approach do you use to lead workgroup teams beyond your city, state, or abroad? Through this type of leadership coaching, we’ll explore effective ways to build successful teams and explore multicultural considerations as it relates to leading teams of people from diverse backgrounds.

3. Performance Management

Do you know how to measure and evaluate your employees’ strengths to best align their talents towards the mission of the organization? Would you like to know the secrets on how to manage and retain your best employees? This coaching method will explore what your current performance management workplace solutions are, evaluate their effectiveness, and enhance your leadership style to effectively develop your employees’ strengths to their job function.

4. Creating Meaning and Buy-In

This coaching style focuses on understanding your workforce, building goals of engagement to promote their productivity, and create a motivated team to achieve your organizations next steps. Coaching topics will explore how to motivate employees to believe in your mission, vision, and values, while also exploring ways to promote areas of your company that fit the overall meaning of the work being delivered both intrinsically and extrinsically.

While in interpersonal leadership development, you may look to accomplish specific results or build positive workplace relationships. You will learn to make good decisions under pressure, while thinking critically and expanding your emotional awareness.

If you’d like to prepare yourself for success and lead a team in your workplace, or if you’re looking to expand on your current talents, then leadership coaching is right for you. Book a session today and/or have a phone consultation to see if leadership coaching is the right fit.

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