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Orlando Group Counseling

Orlando Group Counseling

Orlando Group Counseling and why would a person want to join a group and expose themselves and that which they deem to be private and confidential? I would’ve thought the same thing several years ago before I had started my own journey and therapy. Noone I didn’t think could relate to me. I thought I was original and that my problems were different from others. As a young girl I was also conditioned to not burden or bother others with my petty problems and to shove them down and keep them to myself. That is some good old fashioned codependency for you.

Just hearing the word group counseling sent chills up my spine because that would mean I’d have to do some level of authenticity or realness with another person. Another woman in particular and that was unheard of. I had bee raised to not trust other women. To count on the fact that they were up to no good and would eventually do something to reveal their alterative motives.

Orlando Group Counseling

There is A Need

It wasn’t until I was desperate enough to reach out and I realized I needed the support of other women that I was willing to join a group. I won’t lie when I said I wasn’t nervous, but there was at least a willingness to peek my head out from under the covers. The world alone and isolated was closing in on me and I knew it was time to merge back into society.

For many women we are conditioned to not get along other women. This is unfortunate but let’s call it what it is. We are plot to be jealous of each other, size each other up and definitely not share our deep dark secrets or express our feelings. If we did that then there’s no telling who those people could tell and then that could destroy who we are. Who we think we are. Our status and image smashed.

If that sounds a little dramatic it’s because it is. The reality is that nobody’s really thinking about us as much as we think about ourselves. People are mainly thinking about who they are and who they want you to think they are. At the same time we’re thinking about ourselves and who we want you to think we are. It’s very confusing like a spiderweb. The web just keeps getting spun and we’re in the middle of it getting tossed and turned everywhere.

Orlando Group Counseling

Start a new life with others who you can connect to. Women who speak your language and understand your concerns, sorrows, victories and insight. Hold the space for each other and grow, expand and become fully self actualized.

Orlando Group counseling creates the dynamics and an experience for women to work out these knots. The knots that I refer to are those from childhood that we bring into adulthood or womanhood. By interacting with, through and between each other we are able to be a direct reflection. We are able to see ourselves and the way we are perceived on the outside by others. It’s an amazing and very powerful shift of energy. To be able to have other females that you can bond with and share similar experiences and stories with. We start to learn that we aren’t as unique as we thought. Even though our story is very slightly different in the plot the theme is still the same. This is the basis of a strong connection and friendship.

Take a chance on doing something new and plug in. Group Therapy is a great way to start getting your feet wet. When a group is conducted there is structure and order. People are asked to only share from their own experiences as they relate to what they hear. Group allows for a safe place to open up and explore the world around you. Orlando Group Counseling is the place to start.

Current Groups

Women’s Process Group

This support group is for women ages 21 and up. Group focuses on interpersonal processes and problem-solving techniques to aid in those more difficult or challenging areas of their lives. It is a journey to self-discovery and emotional wellness.

Group members and the facilitators aim to create a safe and inviting space that will foster support, self reflection and a sense of community and connection to other women facing similar life challenges.

Group members will practice assertiveness skills, learn the importance of speaking their truth and challenge codependent learned behaviors. They will also learn the importance of opening up and sharing with other women through healthy communication and dialogue.

-Group begins August 6th, now accepting new members. Ongoing enrollment

Time: Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00pm

Issues: Effective Coping Skills, Improving Self Esteem, Women's Issues, Effective Communication and Emotional Healing.

Age: 21 and above

Types of Therapy: Person-Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Group Cost: $45


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