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Patricia Wolfenden

Patricia Wolfenden

Patricia is a seasoned and capable psychotherapist with a history of success in helping individuals, couples, families and groups to improve their lives from the inside out.

Licensed in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy, she is also a Qualified Supervisor for counselors.

Patricia is skilled in guiding recovery from substance use and other compulsive behaviors; enjoys couples counseling; anxiety and anger reduction work; family communications improvement, PTSD resolution, healing of grief and loss; supporting people who are having difficulty adjusting in a life transition, and encouraging career development.

Patricia has worked in a therapeutic community, as well as in both outpatient and hospital mental health care.

Patricia is also qualified in Expressive Arts Therapy, and is working as a Guide In Training with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy.

“Like most people, I’ve experienced many of the same situations that I’ve come to define as “the human condition.” I grew up with alcoholic parents, and have experienced marriage, infertility, adoption, divorce, and sudden deaths of loved ones. And psychotherapy!

I can state the models of psychotherapy that most resonate with me: Existential and the Experiential techniques, Trauma Resilience models, Motivational Interviewing, Emotionally Focused (including Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling), Biopsychosocial Spiritual approaches to addiction; Family Systems therapy; Expressive Arts and Nature-based Therapy.

I also have learned to honor and respectfully tap into our ancestors’ ways of doing things: listening to the more-than=human world in ways that resonate. Both the Expressive Arts practice and Nature Immersion greatly enhance that dimension, and I practice them alongside “the talking cure” if wanted.

Core beliefs: Human beings can be incredibly resilient and -- with sufficient and appropriate support -- can become hopeful in practically any circumstance, if they are able to partner with guides of skillful means. There can be a sense of something found that was lost. Or there might be a brand new experience, for some who have never been able or allowed to express the depth of what is happening inside as a result of painful and damaging events and circumstances – past or present.

Most of us have experienced suffering from painful events and circumstances at some time in our lives. We are often walking around half alive, and do not always hope for better, until a crisis comes that makes it all intolerable. While frightening, this is not a bad thing! I have seen that healing is a part of our core nature, that we heal in community, and that everyone can and should be restored to their rightful place with others.

I have found in myself – and witnessed so many times with others --surprising gifts and strengths that come from working through our sufferings. In therapy, awarenesses and feelings can be intense, but having some fun and enjoyment can also be a part of it! And as we are helped to heal a past or present wound, we can feel lighter and even joyful.

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