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Spiritual Wellness Counseling Orlando

Spiritual Wellness Counseling Orlando

Spiritual wellness counseling Orlando. What does spiritual wellness really mean? Why would a connection to spirituality be useful in a persons growth and healing? We live in a society today that sees the individual as separate from this world. A person is raised to believe they must struggle, work hard and face obstacles to survive and thrive in today’s society. Why do we separate our self from the others? Are we so brainwashed and conditioned that we believe we are alone in this world? Taught that the only way is to drive and push ourselves. Keeping our heads barely above the water.

Spiritual Wellness Counseling Orlando Provides

Spirituality and Spiritual Wellness provides the opportunity for individuals to detach from their circumstances and to observe life through eyes of clarity. Spiritual wellness is the state in which positive aspects of our spirit are revealed and shown to us. Your connection to spirituality is determined by each individual. It’s unique to you and only you.

Spiritual Wellness Provides:

  • A sense of empowerment. The realization that labels do not define us.
  • A clear pathway to inner peace. A freedom for self-expression. A connection to a deeper part of self.
  • A way of viewing this world as connected to each other and to all living organisms. We no longer see ourselves as having to struggle and get along by ourselves.
  • A way to see each challenge in life as a lesson brought to us by the universe.
  • The chance to learn from trials. To grow and expand our consciousness and awareness. In our self and within the context of this world.

Spiritual Wellness Counseling Orlando

and How does it Work?

Spiritual Wellness Counseling Orlando

People come seeking help for all kinds of reasons. Many seek help related to Depression, fear, anxiety, relationship problems, and addiction to name a few. I see clients daily who have bought into the idea that they are these labels. Believing that depression is who they are. Counseling seeks to allow the opportunity to go deeper into ones source. To gain a better understanding of attachments. Those we have placed expectations on. Our conditioned response is holding us captive to distorted thinking.

In counseling I refer to the process of self actualization as the sifting and sorting process. The challenge and wonderful opportunity to allow yourself the time to go inside. The chance to ask yourself the tougher questions. Addressing the labels that you have been letting define who you really think you are. Together we will work collaboratively. We will peel back the layers. You will come to the realization that underneath it all you are pure love, light and energy.

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