Spirituality Counseling Orlando

Spirituality Counseling Orlando  

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Spirituality Counseling Orlando and what is it all about? How can it assist you in experiencing healing from the past? How does it move you into the present where all that is real is now?  In order to face life challenges and struggles, we must acknowledge we are spiritual beings. We also must understand we live in a broken, hostile, angry and chaotic world. That world is full of messages. These messages are pulling us away from our true self and the connection we have with the Spirit. The continuous presence of these messages often leads to spiritual fatigue and a loss of hope about the future.

Spirit’s plan for your life is to be free from the distractions that pull you off course. We can learn to be in this world but not of this world. You achieve this through our contentedness with our Higher Power. We now walk around free, joyful and at peace. Finding happiness starts to occur.

Spirituality Counseling Orlando

Are you connected to anything other than yourself?  Do you feel blocked and unable to move ahead? Your tired of living life day to day aimlessly going through the same routine. You want to be challenged and enlightened. To grow and stretch. Present centered awareness therapy is great to utilize in combination with spiritual counseling. It focuses on mindfulness, self actualization and increasing your awareness and consciousness.

I believe that it is far less important who you call God. It is more important that you know you are made from the image of God. You are source energy made of God and Spirit. Together we will focus on your spiritual growth and your relationship with God. Your healing will give you hope for the future and a renewed sense of God’s presence in your life.

Areas of Focus for Spirituality Counseling Orlando

Spirituality Counseling-  What is spirituality counseling and how does it help me in regards to seeking help for mental health issues?

Religion vs. Spirituality– What are the main differences? Understand what it truly means to be spiritual.

Spirituality for the Self ReliantEven If your convinced you do not believe in a higher power, you may still feel something is missing that might be guiding you. Let’s explore.

Authenticity and The Real You Do you try to fit into others boxes and step out of your own true alignment. Discover your true spirit is in perfect alignment. Alignment with the greatness of who you are.

Spiritual Wellness Counseling OrlandoWho are you in the context of the labels you place on yourself? Fears and conditioning do not define your connection to spirit.

Definition of Spirituality? – What is a working definition for spirituality? How is is different for each of us as individuals?

Present Centered Awareness Therapy- Focusing on self actualization and a deeper understanding of who you are in the context of your environment. Increasing your consciousness and awareness to allow for more love, growth and expansion.