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Tiffany Yoho

Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Office Manager

Tiffany Yoho

I didn’t come to yoga the way a lot of people do. I wasn’t drawn by its “mystic nature” or spiritual path. I had no real health problems or medical issues. I went to my first yoga class because a girl I couldn’t stand kept bragging about how good she was at it. It was hot. I hated it. I stuck with it and eventually after a short time started to notice that aside from that one hour in class I had no real peace or inner stillness.

I grew to love yoga and meditation. Everything about it. I loved the breathing and stretches. I loved reconnecting with my own body. I played with my arms, legs and balance like they were new toys. It’s difficult to explain unless you’ve had the experience, but for once I was wholly present in my own skin. Over time my practice became more than just a physical exercise. I started feeling at peace. Before then, the only time I felt that groovy usually involved chemistry of some kind or another. This led me to begin studying meditation formally. The combination brought me vibrant health and serenity that I had never felt before.

A few years after my yoga practice began, I was motivated to open my own studio. I wanted to bring yoga to the people that needed it the most. People like my mom - with her bad back, friends that spent all day on their feet, others searching for a deeper connection within themselves. My classes attracted a diverse group. People of all shapes and sizes that had no idea where to even start. I opened my studio in March 2002. The Zen Room is still there today if you are ever in Cocoa Village.

I tailored my classes for the clients that arrived. No class was the same and I taught as many different postures and poses as I could learn myself. I wanted my students to take it home with them – not keep it some closely guarded secret I could charge a lot of money for. I blended stationary postures, breathing techniques and flowing routines. Above all, I tried to emphasize the individuality of yoga. Each person is unique, having experienced different things – physically and mentally, so each practice should be different.

I am excited to start sharing yoga and meditation again. I know they have improved my life. I can assure you that much like working out it may be hard at the beginning to find the motivation to stick with it but if you do I can assure you that you can find a deep and lasting stillness and connection to your mind, body and spirit.

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