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Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy

Where science meets therapy

Virtual reality therapy is also known as virtual reality exposure therapy. This allows a client to enter an entire virtual simulated world that is carefully constructed to increase the client’s exposure to any negative stimuli, so that your able to build resilience and the much-needed emotional strength you desire. Becoming engrossed in a virtual world also helps you to shift your attention away from pain.

Virtual reality therapy is able to create a world with VR technology that will place you in what your brain believes are real life situations that you can really learn from. If the goal is for you to overcome a certain fear of yours then you might find that being exposed to that which you fear is going to help you overcome it.

With the exposure in a safe therapeutic environment then gradually increasing within the next several therapy sessions, you will start to feel the immediate effects of decreased fear and anxiety. The therapist will provide through use of talk therapy instruction and interventions as well as guided support before session, after it, and sometimes during the course of your virtual experience. This is to help you process what you have experienced in the healthiest way possible.

Virtual Reality is utilized for treatment of multiple and various conditions. Here is a list of some of the disorders treated:

We are excited at High Expectations to be the first private practice to bring this technology into the session. Our goal is to help assist our clients in real time to conquer their fears while in a safe and controlled environment

How Does VR Work?

VR therapy is part of a much larger therapeutic intervention. With VR clients are exposed to a specially-designed virtual environment with stimuli that the client and therapist have already discussed. The environment is intentionally meant to be associated with fear or situations that are unpleasant.

The first few scenes a client may encounter may contain a few instances of these new stimuli. Over the course of VR therapy and when the client is ready, the negative stimuli will be increased in its number and its intensity. By allowing yourself to be exposed to your biggest fears you will find that your mind as well as your body will become more used to the scenarios and they will cease to create anxiety and increased feelings of fear.

The Therapist's Role

There is much more to the virtual reality experience than just sitting down behind a screen with a headset on. Typically, VR therapy is conducted with the therapist talking with you first and explaining the particular module that will best suit you. The therapist will then communicate with you throughout the module to make sure that you are doing well or have any questions. A follow up discussion with the therapist will conclude the session to process the emotions and plan for the next module. This puts the experience directly into perspective and is directly applied to the client's life.

At the first session with your therapist, you will discuss and determine the nature and the extent of the fear. You will then have another session before placed on the VR system. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a common type of therapy to help assist with virtual reality therapy.

What is the Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Like?

Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) is utilized to give the clients a real-life sense of familiarity with frighting situations and stimuli. The goal of VRET is to get you exposed to those threatening stimuli in a way that is non-threatening and safe. You mind and your body can learn to become less altered when you are exposed to the real-life situation. You will feel less anxious and better prepared to enter the world stress and triggered free.

How Do I Know If Virtual Reality Is Right For Me?

If you keep finding yourself with episodes of feeling overwhelmed, frightened, full of fear, trauma and pain form the past, you may be an excellent candidate. Even if you want to just learn how to relax and meditate.

The goal is to learn to live a peaceful life where these outside stimuli do not affect you the way they once did. wake wake

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