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Yoga And Meditation

This class is designed to help clients in conjunction with therapy bring their mind and body into alignment. The benefits of meditation and yoga are tremendous:



Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Meditation was originally meant to help deepen one's understanding of both the sacred and mystical forces of their life. Today, meditation is more commonly used as a form of relaxation as well as stress reduction. Meditation produces a very deep state of relaxation, assisting in quieting the mind.

During meditation, your goal is to focus your attention and observe the mind. You will find that you're able to eliminate the stream of constant jumbled thoughts that crowd your mind and cause increased and unnecessary stress. This process leads to enhanced physical and also emotional well-being.

Emotional Benefits of Practicing Meditation

Yoga and The Many Benefits


Yoga offers a person physical and mental health benefits no matter what your age. And, if you’re going through any type of illness, recovering from surgery or living chronic pain, beginners yoga can is known to bring about healing and relief.

A yoga teacher can work with clients and put together an individualized plan that will work specifically for you. We suggest that you consider taking a few private sessions first to give you the correct plan and focus solely on what’s best for you.

If your hesitant to give it a try read on about some of the common questions and concerns people may have:


1. I’m not flexible.

Everyone is losing their flexibility – everyday. On average, people start losing flexibility around the age of 30, with men losing it more quickly than women. There are a multitude of reasons why this happens, but the results are usually the same – pain and stiffness.

The good news is that flexibility can be regained at any age, and it is a key component in your overall health. Besides an increase in physical mobility and flexibility, you will also increase blood flow and circulation – sending more oxygen to the brain and resulting in mental acuity and an increased sense of well-being. Who doesn’t want that?

2. I’m not in shape.

Getting in shape to do yoga is like putting the cart before the horse. One of the greatest features of yoga is its very personal nature. You learn to approach each stretch and posture individually. Where you may have flexible hips and tight calves, your mat neighbor may have shoulders of steel and loose hamstrings.

We are all in a different place, and will have our own “unique experiences” when practicing yoga. As you attend classes, you’ll find some things come easier than others, but that even the challenges are approachable. Every stretch and posture we do benefit more than one area of the body. They help strengthen, stretch and tone every part. Combine them with deep breathing and you’ll find an increase in energy and stamina. You will soon discover that all those “unique experiences” have accumulated into a healthier, happier you.

Basic Class Description

Class Schedule and Pricing

This group starts in January 2021

You will have the opportunity to speak with Tiffany the instructor to better access which class or classes might be best for you.

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